CRANA – Abstract Submission

Abstracts OPENWED 10 FEB

The theme of our 2021 conference is Passion. Purpose. Influence. Impact.

The aim is to build on our strengths to improve the health and wellbeing of rural and remote Australians.   By sharing experiences, learning together and inspiring one another we will foster passion, maintain purpose, build influence and increase impact.

The global pandemic has had a substantial impact on health care provision, and we welcome abstracts from authors who choose to focus their presentation on work or experiences in regard to COVID-19.

The subthemes for abstract submission are:

Foster Passion

  • new projects, programs and initiatives
  • the future workforce
  • successful models and service designs
  • education – preparation for practice and professional development

Maintain Purpose
Clinical update

  • clinical best practice
  • digital health and technology
  • culturally safe clinical practice

Build Influence

  • building community capacity
  • campaigning for change
  • reducing remote/rural health inequality

Increase Impact
Research and Evaluation

  • emerging and published research
  • translating research into practice

Abstracts welcome from all health disciplines and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract.

Presentations on topics that are of particular interest to our members are encouraged:

  • the safety and security of the remote health workforce
  • the health impacts of a changing climate (ecological determinants of health)
  • improvements in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
  • multidisciplinary workforce recruitment and retention
  • social and cultural determinants of health, particularly community housing.

Abstracts are invited for a variety of presentation types. The final program will be determined by the Abstract Selection Committee and Chair of the Conference Committee.

Oral presentations

  • allocated 15-minute time slots in the program, including time for questions.
  • There will be no concurrent sessions – all delegates will be available to attend all presentations.
  • Presentations will be lecture style with questions invited at the end.

Hotspot presentations

  • Aim to spark interest, introduce new ideas or present a summary of a project, clinical case, experience or research. Open to all but special consideration will be given to early-career professionals and those with limited presentation experience.
  • Allocated a 5-minute time slot and slides will be limited to a total of 3, with one presenter.
  • Hotspot presentations will be ‘clustered’ in the program with questions invited at the end of each session.

Poster presentations

  • Portrait poster (AO Size (H1189mm x W841mm)) will be on display in a dedicated area during the conference.
  • A morning tea session will be identified for poster presentations and authors should be available to discuss the poster’s content with delegates.
  • There will be an incentive for delegates to visit each poster during the conference to go into a prize draw.

Submissions are due by 12 APRIL 2021

Abstracts received after this date will not be accepted.

Submit via the presentation portal on this website (see box above).

Abstracts should include:

  • The purpose of the presentation
  • The nature and scope of the topic
  • The issue or problem under consideration
  • The outcome or the conclusion reached
  • References

Abstracts should not exceed 300 words.


A strict word limit (100 words) will apply for biographies.  The conference website and app will present biographies in full (providing they do not breach the word limit). A briefer version may be used by the MC when verbally introducing your presentation during proceedings. Delegates want to hear from you, not about you!

Abstract Review Process

All abstracts received will be reviewed and selected by the program committee. They will determine if abstracts are accepted as an oral, hotspot or in a poster presentation format with consideration given to the author’s preference and program balance. The program committee will assess all submissions based on merit and may accept your presentation in a different category to your preferred format.

Authors (or the person submitting on behalf of the author) will be notified via email on a rolling basis regarding the status of their abstract.

Abstract selection criteria

The Abstract Selection Committee will use the following criteria for scoring abstracts:

  1. Clarity and quality of the abstract (the abstract communicates a clear, significant message)
  2. The abstract relates to one of the themes or subthemes of the conference
  3. The topic has relevance and application to the remote/rural health context
  4. The topic relates to the current health agenda (professional/policy/clinical)
  5. The abstract offers something new or builds on what we already know

Presenter Registration

It is mandatory for all presenters to register for the conference and pay the appropriate registration fee. Presenters also need to meet their own travel and accommodation costs.

CRANAplus is committed to supporting early career professionals and those who have limited prior experience of presenting at the conference.

Past conference delegates have told us that hearing these people tell authentic stories ‘from the ground’ often proves to be a conference highlight for them. The CRANAplus conference always is always a respectful, collegial, warm and friendly space. It provides the perfect opportunity for those new to conference presenting to ‘dip their toe in’ and have a go.

If you would like advice or assistance in preparing your abstract don’t hesitate to contact Melanie Avion, Professional Officer – Workforce Development

ABSTRACT GUIDE – Use this document as a guide when completing your abstract.

HOTSPOT GUIDE – Use this document as a guide when completing your hotspot presentation.

POSTER GUIDE – Use this document as a guide when completing your poster.