Bridging the Gap between NDIS and Indigenous Participants in Rural and Remote Locations

Ms Danni Hocking1

1Northern Australia Primary Health Ltd (naphl), Townsville, Australia


We use a case study to demonstrate the diversity of program delivery required for clients who are of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples being discharged from hospital to access equipment and services to support them to live independently  whilst waiting for approval to access funded programs.

Whilst newly introduced schemes such as the NDIS and My Aged Care funding are long term solutions to support people to remain independent within their homes and communities the hurdles required navigate eligibility can be complex and very long.  What happens to those people who fall within the gaps but need support but ineligibility due to their age, health condition being unstable or inability to f:f assessments needed to establish acceptance.

We will explore many gaps in service provision in rural and remote Australia particularly for Indigenous communities who don’t live in regional towns.  Cultural mistrust, access to relevant service providers, GP’s completing eligibility assessments, submission of forms, providing evidence that may not exist are just some of the challenges.  By working closely with a range of service providers at the beginning of the hospitalization process through the discharge journey, knowing what services are available we will demonstrate how to bring services together and offer a range of supports for clients who may potentially slip through the gap.

In this case study we examine a client who enters the hospital system and exists following life changing surgery, transforming their existence completely, impacting not only their physical & mental health but also their social/community integration. We explore  programs and services available to remote communities in FNQ ; how to identify the gaps in each so that services can be identified, solutions created which involve health providers, government and community so that and the client can return to their home safely and feel adequately supported.


Danni Hocking, B App Sc OT/ Grad Dip Wellness; CPRM;

Danni has extensive experience in the management of people risk issues including the development of award winning corporate safety & wellness programs. As a Director of outreach Allied Health Services she has had experience in delivering innovative and cost effective programs to Indigenous, Refugee and Mainstream clients in rural and remote regions across North and Far Nth Qld.  Danni has spoken on International and National health and wellness forums and has developed award winning programs designed to improve health outcomes for large workforces.