A model of home support care for pregnant women: Tiwi Islands

Ms Marie Daniel1

1Doh, Wurrumiyanga, Australia


This is a story about modelling home support care for pregnant women in a remote setting – specifically a Tiwi experience. It is  an example of how the midwife and the Strong woman/strong babies/strong culture (SWSBSC) worker teamed together (with some other help as well) and ran some antenatal groups in a  different way to the usual way of doing things.

With the assistance of the (SWSBSC) worker we took a group of antenatal and later some post natal women out bush where the SWSBSC worker led the way taking them hunting and then provided some education.

We found that traditional way of presenting ante & postnatal education at a clinic level in a room was not practical for these women –bored with pictures and words, they did not concentrate – social media was a priority as well as other distractions but out in the bush in a place they respected and they loved, they relaxed and messages were heard.

This is also a story about diversifying the way we do things in the home environment as well, rather than attending a clinic setting all the time, again with the SWSBSC worker.


Marie Daniel is an experienced Remote Area Nurse and Midwife. She holds a Bachelor in Health Science, a Graduate Diploma in Child and Family Health Nursing and a Diploma in Community Health Nursing. Marie has had a varied and long career mainly in primary health care in rural and remote Australia and South Africa. She is now into her fifteen year on the Tiwi Islands, previously as the Primary Health Care Manager and the last three years in the role of Remote Area Midwife.