RHDAustralia in 2019

Ms Diana Mosca1

1RHDAustralia, Casuarina, Australia


RHDAustralia is funded under the Australian Government’s Rheumatic Fever Strategy to support the control of rheumatic heart disease in Australia. The aim of this hotspot is to highlight our work in 2019. Australia has among the highest prevalence of RHD in the world, largely in rural/remote communities. It is important to know what resources and support are available.

What we are doing:

  • The Australian ARF/RHD Guideline is being updated and expanded. The new edition is based on the latest evidence-based research, with a focus on culturally-appropriate practice.
  • RHDAustralia works closely with communities to develop culturally-appropriate information and education. This includes the support for initiatives like the champions4change.
  • In partnership with RHD control programs across Australia, RHDAustralia deliver workshops for the rural and remote health workforce.
  • Free e-learning modules, short movies, and many other resources are available on our website.

Please visit the RHDA booth in the trade displays and let us know how we can support you and your community.


Diana commenced as the Senior Nurse Advisor at RHDAustralia in January 2018 and is enjoying working in Darwin after 20 years.

She has held clinical nursing and education positions around Australia since the 80s, mostly in rural and regional areas. Her nursing experience spans education, paediatrics, public health and perioperative nursing. This range of nursing experience has been invaluable to inform projects and programs including education programs and quality improvement in acute and chronic health.

As well as being a registered nurse, she has qualifications in Public Health, Education, Perioperative nursing, Leadership, and Business Analysis.